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Able mini printers help global fire equipment maintain high safety standards

26th April 2021


Founded in Denmark by João Paulo Ajami, Global Fire Equipment (GFE) is a leader in fire alarm control panels design and manufacturing. Having achieved impressive organic growth since 1994, it offers a complete range of fire detection products to its customers in more than 85 countries. The company is soon moving to a new 9,000 sqm facility in the Algarve region of Portugal, where it designs, manufactures and exports its state-of-the-art equipment, which is installed in major building complexes.

The Challenge

Facilities managers and fire safety officers must be able to provide a clear audit trail to show that fire safety equipment has been tested regularly and is working. Used as part of a fire alarm panel, an integrated  mini printer allows them to undertake rigorous checks with speed and accuracy, capturing the data they need without having to manually record it and risk an error. 

GFE-TEC, GFE’s research and development team, is responsible for developing innovative, high-quality, yet cost-effective products that meet customers’ requirements. 

Looking for an external mini printing solution for its GFE-NET-PRINTER, the company procured the AP1400 thermal panel printers from Able. 

This device uses an integrated thermal line printer, which provides a hard copy of all recorded events from a GEKKO or OCTO+ panel. These events are referenced by date and hour and saved in the panel's NVRAM (non-volatile memory) – creating an electronic audit trail to go alongside the paper trail. Because the printer is supplied from the panel’s battery backed up 24VDC, the printer’s operation is unaffected by mains power loss.

The Product

Companies like GFE choose the Ap1400 panel mount printer because it offers a high level of functionality and reliability and its low profile means it fits discreetly into the front panel of the unit. Despite being compact, it can hold a 13m long paper roll and is easy to operate, reducing the amount of time end-users spend operating and maintaining it. Available in black or white, with an optional universal power adapter, it has a 10-kilobyte buffer to ensure optimum host compatibility. It offers both USB and RS232 data input connectivity


Hard copies of fire safety records are crucial for demonstrating that fire detection equipment is fully operational and, in the event of a fire, that correct procedures have been followed. As well as maintaining the highest safety standards, the Ap1400 is also discreet and stylish and, since it uses thermal printing technology, no ink is required.

Customer feedback

“My role is to plan and procure electronic components that are required for our products at the most economical cost. Able printers themselves are compact but offer the level of functionality we, and our customers, were looking for. We’re pleased to be able to offer this innovative solution that enables operators to maintain the highest fire safety standards in their buildings.”

Tony Alves, Purchasing Manager at Global Fire Equipment

For more information about the Ap1400 or other printing solutions from Able Systems, please see our thermal printers page or call +44 (0)160 648 621.