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Buy now to avoid global thermal paper shortage

12th January 2018

As widely reported across industry press, there looks set to be a significant shortage in thermal paper supplies towards the end of Q1 in 2018.

The cause of this is due to world’s primary supplier of leuco dye – required in the manufacturing process of thermal paper – closing down for several months towards the end of 2017. This has forced suppliers of thermal paper across the globe to reduce production, and in some instances, stop altogether.

For customers, the price of manufacturing thermal paper has already seen a universal increase across the industry and we expect these to rise further in the coming months. It’s therefore crucial that businesses prepare for potential price hikes and budget accordingly – we highly recommend that those businesses requiring high volumes place orders now.

Our range of high-grade thermal paper rolls are designed to work seamlessly with our mini printing solutions including the Ap1310BT, Ap1400 Series and Ap1200 Series. Requiring no ink, these provide a cost effective solution that are significantly cheaper to operate than traditional impact printing methods.

Thermal printers offer quality printing in one ultra reliable system. Users can print instantly and effortlessly, with handheld, desk, counter or wall mounted solutions assisting in enhancing the overall experience for customers and staff. They also remain quiet during operation - ideal for many different industries including medical equipment, measurement and analysis tools, in addition to mPOS and ePOS terminals.

Ultimately, the resolution of printing is also significantly better with thermal printers, reducing the risk of blotching, running or fading.

Making a bulk order of thermal paper now will ensure you are prepared for the potentially volatile marketplace in the coming months and can avoid the risk of increased manufacturing costs.

If you are concerned about your thermal paper supplies, our expert team are on hand to advise what solution is right for your business. Give us a call on 0160 648 621 or email for further information today.