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Cutting Emissions Through Roadside Testing

19th October 2017

With new initiatives recently announced by the government to cut vehicle emissions and pollution levels, local authorities have been allocated increased powers and budget to fight pollution in their local communities.

It’s likely that we will soon witness a rise in roadside emissions testing across the UK so it’s crucial that vehicle owners and law enforcement officers are prepared for these impending changes.

For drivers, it’s important to remember that any vehicles that are suspected, or are obviously in breach of EU emissions regulations, are susceptible for testing with owners at risk of an on-the-spot fine.

The increased stringency in regulations comes as a result of the high profile media scandal relating to Volkswagen and its tampering with emissions testing. It’s now arguably more important than ever to ensure that testing procedures are as meticulous as possible to avoid any errors and guarantee that the vehicles on our roads are environmentally sound.

To make sure that the results of these tests remain accurately documented and kept on record, the most reliable form of data extraction is via printed receipt. Printing solutions such as the Ap1300 can be used by emissions testers to instantly produce an accurate copy of results following a vehicle inspection, which can also be used as further evidence down the line. This is critical when it comes deliberating on a punishment for offenders – be that an individual driver or a major international motoring group.

As well as this, utilising physical evidence and relying less on digital technology reduces the risk of losing details and documentation of the vehicle's issue and problem. A mini-printer ensures security and safety with data in its physical form, which is obviously a major benefit for roadside testing and remote assessments.

For those who are responsible for roadside testing or remote assessments, it’s crucial that any equipment used is easily portable and reliable to function to its full capacity regardless of conditions. Our handheld mini-printers can be easily stored within vehicles and come with Bluetooth connectivity, meaning results can be printed remotely from the testing site, such as within the office of a mechanic or away from the side of the road during an on-the-spot test.

We all have a responsibility to be environmentally sustainable and solutions such as improved vehicle emissions testing will continue to play a crucial part in leading the way to a greener planet. But, as the digital age progresses it is important to consider how organisations can keep up with any unethical and unlawful practices such as vehicle tampering, with accurate reporting and measurement playing an instrumental role.

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