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Ensure your printers weigh up to expectations

7th March 2018

For haulage and logistics businesses, ensuring the weight of your fleet meets legal regulations is critical to maintaining safe and efficient practices across an organisation. 

In addition to putting drivers and fellow road users at risk, exceeding weight limits can result in major fines for companies, so it’s crucial that vehicle loads are thoroughly examined before leaving the warehouse.

When weighing a fleet before a vehicle disembarks, accurate measurements are key. If a driver is stopped on a journey by authorities, it’s important they are equipped with clear proof of information that shipments have been accurately weighed and accounted for.

In recent years, weighscale technology has improved significantly, meaning accurate fleet recordings can be made in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, maintaining accurate printed records can be used to not only ensure safety and legality, but to monitor the performance of drivers and warehouse staff over extended periods of time. Underloading vehicles can also significantly decrease profitability, so it’s important that this is also avoided at all costs.

Able Systems works closely with logistics suppliers to provide customised weighscale printing solutions. Our team of engineers can also work with staff across haulage businesses to deliver a bespoke product that can be programmed for use with multiple interfaces within an organisation.

Our range of portable printers, come complete with features that support differing weighing requirements. The Ap1300 range for example is portable and ultra compact whilst maintaining high quality output, an ideal option for when remote access is required.

For logistics businesses, working with Able Systems to develop a bespoke weighscale printing solution can reduce the fixture and fitting costs of installing in-vehicle printing systems, which can also take up valuable cabin space. These state-of-the-art products can be personalised with a company motif, adding to that professional feel, and also come complete with a three-year warranty and aftercare, if required.

Alternative weighscale options include the Ap1400 and Ap1200 ranges, which can also be built in to host equipment, providing a neat on-board solution. The Ap1400 has an extended voltage range and comes with USB connectivity.

For more information about our weigh scale printers including the Ap1300, Ap1400 and Ap1200, please visit