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Ensuring your taxi and bus printers are reliable and efficient

21st May 2018

While advances in digital technology are showing no signs of slowing down, it’s important not to lose sight of solutions that are tried, tested and continue to work. This is particularly important when it comes to automation, particularly in traditional sectors such as the bus and taxi industries.

We specialise in mini-printers and pride ourselves on our market-leading products which continue to make advancements in the automotive sector, and in particular, public transport.

Furthermore, as the public become more environmentally conscious and endeavour to cut down the size of their carbon footprint, producers of buses and taxis are increasing their focus on eco-credentials too. Measures such as natural gas vehicles are already encouraging more drivers to use an alternative to their own vehicles.

Continuing momentum, electric taxis have also been unveiled in major cities across the UK, and this will only encourage the eco-conscious to increase their use of alternative transport in busy cities.

With this resurgence of public transport users, it is important that bus and taxi providers are as efficient and reliable as the transport itself, with on-board ticketing systems in place to cope with heightened levels of demand. 

At Able Systems, we offer bespoke solutions for bus printers and taxi printers, which includes the Ap1310-DC, a printer specifically designed for installation in vehicles. It can also be catered to specific requirements, like ensuring the capability of linking to a taximeter, for example.

Whilst a general shift towards online platforms continues, a space will always remain when it comes to printing -  especially when supplying a proof of purchase during a journey. This element of keeping records will still be required for many, for example, catering for those not yet adept at new technologies and also for businesses maintaining paper trails for expenses.

The printing of tickets also prevents any potential errors from handheld technology, such as failing smartphones losing the record of travel, or the risk of human error when handwritten receipts are issued.

The addition of our printing solution, the Ap1310-DC, with Madeira-based bus operator Horários do Funchal saw an increase in sales, with efficiency and simplicity of purchasing improved. Further to this, more passengers boarded and waiting times were reduced, which allowed tourists and locals to travel with ease and confidence.

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