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Fast, reliable printer gives a world class result

14th September 2017

Timekeeping is one of the most important factors in sporting competition. It separates a winner from the runners-up. Without it, competition as we know it would be impossible and there would be no world or Olympic records.

At the world’s leading international sporting competitions, no one knows who will be standing on the medal podium but you can guarantee their results will have been timed, measured, recorded and distributed by our client and its partner brands.

The Challenge

Competition officials and referees require an official, printed record of race results and times. This must be printed directly from the timing machine and displays results to eight decimal places.

As a world class timing equipment provider, our client required a reliable, compact, portable printer of the highest standard to supply as part of its kit. The chosen mobile printer would be used by officials to examine and review results instantly at events such as international swimming competitions.

The Product

Our client offers an intelligent timing system for use at all levels of competition from school events right up to the World Championships and Olympic Games.

The timer system enables start lists and event data including titles and records to be loaded into the main database, so that a full result list can be generated and transmitted to the main results printer.

The Able Systems Solution

The Ap1310, from Able Systems, is a small printer that is packed with features and the latest technology.

Its compact size makes it the ideal choice to transport to sporting events, and the fact that it is battery operated means it can be used safely from the swimming pool side.

A variety of communication types are available including RS232 and Bluetooth®. High performance thermal print mechanisms provide superb quality text and graphics with no requirement for ink and feature-rich software makes for clear and creative printed output.

Low cost and easy to use, the Ap1310 can be plugged in to timing equipment and used straight away. It also has an increased print speed option that is perfect when every second counts!

The Ap1310 gave the best performance when tested against competitors for the fastest print speed – an essential quality for international sporting events.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Robust printing for various indoor and outdoor sporting situations
  • Battery operated printer, allowing the system to be operated safely from the swimming pool side
  • Portable hands free printing for flexibility and mobility
  • Thermal printing – no ink required, clear and concise
  • Capacity for larger paper roll offers advantages for high participant events
  • Feature-rich software makes for clear printed output

Customer feedback

In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, our customers gave us a five star review in every category and stated that the Ap1310 was selected because of its compatibility, its value (as a feature rich printer for a good price) and the fact that Able Systems offers good customer service.

For more information about the Ap1310 or other printing solutions from Able Systems, please call +44 (0)160 648 621.