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Five Places You Might Not Expect To See A Mini printer

5th December 2019

From the receipts in restaurants to bus and train tickets, mobile mini printers are a staple part of our everyday lives. But there are some more unusual applications, which you may not have encountered.

Law Enforcement

Mobile printing provides officers the ability to not only issue on the spot penalties for traffic offences, but also produce a physical record of alcohol and drug tests.

Mini printers are also an essential tool in the evidence locker. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is a crucial part of the justice process and mislabelling or misplacing evidence could jeopardise this. By using a thermal mini printer, officers can ensure their labels are produced and attached to the evidence bags at the scene and, crucially, that they are legible and intact for decades to come.

Forest management

When it comes to surveying timber in support beams or forests for defects including dampness, poor ventilation and dry rot, micro-drilling is a non-invasive method that causes no further damage to the tree or product.

Once the drilling process has begun, these tools measure the level of resistance to penetration and produce graphical data that can be evaluated later. The paper record printed out provides exact measurements of the presence and extent of any decay.


Alongside labelling samples and attaching notes to patient records, mini printers can be found working alongside a number of different medical tools such as sterilisers. Compact panel printers are often found within audiometers and autoclaves to offer doctors, nurses, and lab technicians accurate readouts of their tests.

Integrated printers can also be found in foetal heart rate monitors. These printers offer a continuous graphical representation of both the baby’s and mother’s heart rates, capturing any sudden changes or irregularities.


We all have fond memories of visiting attractions at the seaside or spending our pocket money on rounds of Pac-Man, and so we will be well aware of the stream of tickets that spill out when (if!) we win.

Mini printers are also widely used in the betting sector, from race courses and bookmakers – so punters have a record of their bets – to corner shops selling national lottery tickets.

Race days

When you have completed a gruelling marathon or triathlon, you want to get your official results as soon as possible and so mini printers are an essential go-to tool for race organisers. By linking to a Bluetooth device, the results can be recorded and printed for every competitor within minutes, which means shorter waiting times for those in search of a PB.

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