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Get a free printer worth £150

15th February 2018

We’re delighted to announce our latest promotion, giving you the opportunity to get a FREE portable thermal printer.

For a limited time only, you can receive a free Ap1300 Thermal Printing Kit when you buy four boxes of thermal paper rolls.

The kit includes, an Ap1300 Thermal Mini-Printer, battery pack, wall bracket/belt clip, serial data cable, primary cell cradle and a universal trickle charger.

With this free kit and paper, you will have all you need to start printing faster, more conveniently and more cost effectively.

The Ap1300 is an ideal solution if you’re working away from the office and you require the ability to print. Situations such as providing a proof of purchase, issuing tickets, or producing a printed record of laboratory or field test results are delivered with ease, using our leading portable printing technology.

As well as its compact and portable nature, other benefits of the device include its single-handed easy paper-load system and intelligent battery life, meaning it can remain on stand-by for up to one month. It also has the capacity for 100 metres of printing between re-charges - perfect for usage on-the-go.

For maintenance of records, thermal printing is ideal. The lack of ink means there are no runs or smears, and because of our high-performance print mechanisms delivering superb quality text and graphics, your documentation will remain both legible and durable, standing the test of time.

One sector where the Ap1300 is trusted to deliver results is in the healthcare sector where its performance is a testament to the technology. It can be used in hospitals to print labels for patient samples and specimens, or provide instant analysis of breath samples, a task that requires accuracy and precision.

This offer is only valid until Wednesday 28th February, so take advantage of it whilst you can.