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Keep your records legible for 25 years

22nd March 2018

Your business shouldn’t have to settle for ‘just industry standard’ paper with a ten-year lifespan, so we have developed a bespoke thermal paper with an image durability specification of 25 years.

We understand that for some industries the importance placed on legibility and durability is of key importance. We have listened to the demands and needs of our customer base, and we can now offer you our ‘image stability guarantee’.

The uncertainty with the longevity of records is a concern, especially with medical records, and within testing and measurement environments such as laboratories, when working with equipment such as autoclaves, and material testing. These industries require assurance with their records, especially with them involving information of significant importance.

Furthermore, where there is specific legislation that requires long-term record keeping, the necessity for durability is a priority, as is often the case in many test and measure environments.

It is important that when logged, samples and tests are stored correctly and without clear and legible notes, they could easily be misplaced. Documentation, if called upon years down the line, needs to be legible. This is of particular interest with regards to reviews of retrospective research, or when old police files are referenced during an investigation.

A company must be confident with the image retention capabilities of the paper, no matter what the documentation might be. Any doubt, and this could lead to further consequences down the line, so it’s important you trust the durability of your paper beyond the ‘standard 10 years’.

Whether your records concern purchases, accounts, or evidence, if you work in an industry that has a responsibility to maintain a printed image, then you have to consider the quality of your paper.

All of our bespoke thermal paper solutions are compatible with the full range of Able thermal mini-printers.

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