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Log your data with our bespoke printing solutions

1st May 2018

Able Systems’ cold chain compliance models are a quick and easy solution for efficient optimisation of your temperature management operations.

Using the core characteristics that we carry across our full product range, our in-house research and development team can construct a system that operates to fit your needs, and maximise efficiency in data logging for compliance with cold chain regulations.

At Able Systems, we understand the importance of an efficient and operational supply chain. Our cold chain compliance systems endeavour to ensuring that your processes can run smoothly, without interruption, ensuring that your product or service remains fully operational, whether that be the transportation of food, chemicals or medical samples.

Ensuring that you have a fully operational, simple, and reliable temperature management system is crucial if your supply chain dictates the requirement of consistent temperature levels. This can be from simple processes such as delivering fresh food in a refrigerated truck, to the transportation of life-saving vaccines that may need to maintain a specific temperature or risk becoming inactive.

It’s essential in cold chain compliance that, as a business, you can show clear accountability for the full supply chain process. By holding records, which can easily be printed off, a log of data is readily available - which is paramount for a successfully completed process.

All of our systems incorporate our state-of-the-art printing technology, using graphic thermal printing resulting in data remaining legible for up to 25 years. Thermal printing doesn’t require any ink, which means you can avoid the risk of documentation becoming illegible and vital information being lost.

Each installation includes the ability to log data to a micro SD card, offering the capacity to back-up data, and a USB port for retrieving the information, an important part of the supply chain process. 

For further information on our bespoke printing solutions and to find out how we can ensure that your cold chain meets temperature management regulations, visit