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Medical Labelling: Why Accuracy & Precision is a Must

28th March 2023

Why medical labelling must be precise

It’s important to prioritise safety and accuracy when it comes to identifying medication. For instance, when pharmacists are picking out prescriptions, it is vital that the labelled information is perfectly clear to avoid the risk of handing out the wrong medication. Therefore, using a precise method of labelling is essential in medical environments, as the accuracy and clarity is integral to patient safety.

This applies to any medical environment, from labelling patient tests for COVID-19, to more typical hospital notes and requirements in more ‘usual’ circumstances. 

Medical professionals work in extremely fast-paced environments to provide care and support to a vast number of patients with varying needs. Because of this, a quick and efficient method of labelling is essential to avoid the risk of human error and ensure that labels, prescriptions, dietary and allergy requirements are easy to read. 

When it boils down to it, communication and information is the currency medical professionals trade in. Misinterpreting the results contained within a test tube, or not being aware of a medication a patient is allergic to all because a label isn’t clear, could have significant consequences.

With multiple professionals involved in one patient’s medical journey, from bedside care, to test labs and operating theatres, misunderstood or misinterpreted information can quickly spread. So what can healthcare professionals do to ensure all labelling right across a medical environment is clear to read for any user and holds accurate information?

Replace the pen and ink with thermal printing

As technology has developed over the last decade, there are now more advanced methods for doctors, nurses and lab technicians to record test results and medical information.

The demand is increasing for these types of developments, and providers of diagnostic equipment and healthcare products are looking to thermal print solutions to pair their devices with. Direct thermal printing is an advanced printing method that produces high-quality, durable prints without the need for ink or toner. For further information, check out our recent article on how direct thermal printers work. So, what kind of capability should the printer have?


Bedside medical labels

At Able Systems, we design and build a whole range of printers with features specifically made for medical environments, such as the Ap1300 printer.  We developed this model on a project with diagnostic equipment manufacturer Welch Allyn. It allows medical professionals to print labels and stick them to patients' notes conveniently from their bedside.

The Ap1300 uses linerless label stock, a silicone coated paper that sticks without any adhesive and can be removed easily. There are a number of benefits to using linerless labels. For instance, there is no limitation on the label length, so the issue of having to cut down information to fit a specific label size is removed. Additionally, because the label can be removed easily, it can be moved to various places, from active patient folders to more permanent records if necessary.

To find out more about linerless labels, watch our video:

Sterilisation Indicating Labels

In medical environments, autoclaves are used to sterilise medical equipment, laboratory instruments and pharmaceutical products. In some cases, once sterilisation is complete, a hardcopy of results for audit purposes is required.

Because the outcome of sterilisation is vital to the safety of patients, audit reports have to be accurate and consistent. The Able panel mount printers, AP1200 and AP1400, are often requested by autoclave manufacturers, as their design allows them to attach neatly to the front panel of a device. They also have a long-life span and are extremely reliable, making them the ideal partner for autoclaves. 

For more information about Able Systems’ range of printers, visit our panel mount printer page. Or, if you need a label printing solution on the go, check out our range of portable label printers suited for medical applications. If you’re a manufacturer of medical products and need advice for a custom printing solution, email the Able team at

For more information on the benefits of using handheld label printers in various industries, check out our guide to handheld printing solutions for business owners