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Mini Printers Prove Just The Ticket

18th May 2017

The ever-evolving world of technology makes it increasingly possible to perform tasks in-house, using cost effective and reliable equipment that was simply not viable just a few decades ago.

Ticket printing is one such example. The range of affordable, high quality ticket printers now on the market can cater for a spectrum of needs; whether that’s the production of professional tickets for a major event, or thermal printed tickets for penalty charge notices.

Whilst the digitisation of many industries has seen some equipment become defunct, there are several sectors in which ticket printers remain an important tool, and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.


In fixed ticketing situations such as these, the range of thermal and impact printer mechanisms available within ticket printers today enables even independent operators to produce bespoke tickets quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

While a move towards a solely digital solution is not beyond the realms of possibility, customer feedback suggests that most culture enthusiasts enjoy receiving a printed ticket for their chosen performance. Physical tickets can also facilitate effective onsite management of customers on the night by members of staff.

Leisure Centres

Many recreational facilities such as swimming pools and bowling alleys are now relying on compact ticket printers. This is to meet the requirement to issue paying patrons with a low-cost ticket on entry to the facility.

Many venues do not require customers to produce these tickets again, however, they find that customers expect to be given a token item in recognition of the fact that they have paid the required entry fee. Providing a physical tangible receipt also helps to instil confidence that the transaction was completed correctly. Thermal ticket printing provides the perfect solution for this.

Law Enforcement

The wider area of law enforcement, from police officers to parking wardens, have a requirement for reliable, immediate ticket production, often with the ability to include bespoke information that changes with each ticket issued.

The advancements in compact ticket printers have also made it possible to issue entire workforces with lightweight, reliable equipment that is able to issue instant printed notifications.


This is an example of a sector where the production of fast, inexpensive tickets such as those possible on a high quality thermal ticket printer provides customers with an important proof of purchase, to show at various points along their route.

Experimentation with digital ticketing has had mixed success, but within many industries, the ability to produce a high quality, low cost, instant ticket will remain important for years to come.

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