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Mini Printers Take Mobile Connectivity To The Next Level

11th May 2017

Advances in technology have meant that businesses and their staff are now increasingly able to stay constantly connected, even away from the traditional office and retail environment. We are now witnessing the demise of bulky desktop computers and large cash tills, with new smart technology both improving portability and saving space in the process. This was no more evident than at this week’s RBTE show in London where stand after stand was showcasing this minimalist approach.

While we have all the connectivity we need in the palm of our hand, the need for tangible paper records has not gone away.

Here, we look at how some sectors are overcoming this challenge using our range of portable mini-printers:


As a small business, being able to provide customers with a branded, legible receipt for their purchase makes you look more professional, and also builds consumer trust. The older generation of customers in particular often expect a physical receipt when completing a transaction.

To increase the amount of time your customers hold on to their receipts as a reminder of your business and to encourage repeat custom, you can even include a voucher or incentive on the reverse of the printout – an effective low cost marketing tool!

The size and portability of mobile printers means they take up little space and can even be used without permanent installation. This is perfect for the likes of pop-up shops, market stalls and other small businesses.


Whilst a handwritten receipt from the driver has been a lengthy tradition, times are changing with a much greater focus on transparency and accuracy.  A professionally produced printed receipt can also set your service apart from competitors and furthermore, recent legislation in Northern Ireland is even making it a legal requirement.

The move aims to not only improve transparency about the cost of journeys between drivers and passengers, it will ensure that all passengers receive an error-free receipt that is easy to read – essential for those who require them for auditing or business expenses purposes.  


The use of mobile tablets and smartphones by officers is becoming increasingly popular across UK forces, allowing them to record notes, submit reports and access information – in real time – without returning to the police station. This has huge cost-saving benefits by using officers’ time more efficiently, and also reduces the risk of important information going missing or being illegible due to poor handwriting or ink running.

To take this digital overhaul to the next level, mini printers are being installed in police vehicles, enabling officers to print reports and non-endorsement penalty notices as and when they are needed. The printers can even be worn on officers’ belts to maximise their mobility, and Bluetooth connectivity means they can be used regardless of network availability.

Furthermore, in conjunction with our latest technological development in long-life thermal print capabilities, our printers are being utilised by police CSI departments directly at the crime scene to label evidence.

Fire Alarm Panels

Fire alarms are a crucial requirement for keeping your staff and customers safe. Strict legislation is in place that details a business’ requirements and responsibilities, including the weekly testing of alarms.

Businesses with more than four members of staff are required to keep records of testing for future inspection. In addition to our range of panel printers, portable mini-printers are increasingly being used to create clear and concise records. Using a Bluetooth connection, the printer can be used to produce reports for different sites linked up to the same internal system, all from one location. These can then reside on the fire marshall’s desk, for instant access to information when required.

To find out how our range of mini printers can help take your business to the next level, get in touch today.