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Mobile Printers For A Mobile Workforce

13th December 2019

Technology makes it possible for us to move away from the traditional 9 to 5 working days, and instead work from anywhere and at any time we want. Here are just some of the ways portable printers support mobile and remote workers.

Work On The Go

From public transport to construction, many jobs involve travelling or time spent on-site. Portable Bluetooth printers enable these mobile workers to undertake tasks without having to return to the office. 

Tradespeople can use the devices to provide their customers with receipts and invoices for their work while still on-site or at their home to ensure prompt payment and excellent service. 

Sales representatives can also be equipped with a portable contract and asset printer, allowing them to meet more clients and reduce the time spent in the office. Event organisers may use a printer to supply each delegate with a branded name tag or produce tickets for cloakrooms.

Mini printers are also an essential tool not just for bus and railway operators to issue tickets to customers, but also for taxis in cities where passengers need a receipt to claim business expenses.  

These devices can even support law enforcement by enabling them to issue fixed penalties efficiently. Mini printers also help them create labels to ensure each piece of evidence is well-documented.

Working 'OOO'

When the younger generation goes job hunting, they look beyond the traditional benefits of pay and extra holidays. Instead, they expect the flexibility to work from home, another city or even abroad. 

If you want to attract the next generation of talent, think about how you can use technology to accommodate their expectations. Many companies issue employees with a laptop and a mobile, but portable printers allow them to become roaming offices, producing branded documents wherever they are even without a WiFi signal.

This could be working contracts for HR and payroll needs, invoices and receipts for clients or portfolios or quotes for prospective customers. 

Able Systems provide mobile printers support mobile workers in organisations across the UK and Europe. To find out more, speak to our team today.