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Our transport ticketing solution for Madeira

8th August 2017

A powerful, compact thermal printer that ensures smooth public transport ticketing

Horários do Funchal is a bus operator based in Funchal, Madeira. The business operates urban and inter-urban services on the south, central and north of the island and is the largest public transport company in Madeira, with about 22 million passengers per year.

The Challenge

In 2006 Horários do Funchal bought four electric mini buses and branded them as ‘Linha Eco’. The electric mini buses are environmentally friendly, quiet and are also equipped to transport disabled customers. In 2007, the business introduced GIRO - a contactless smart card for fare payment.

In 2010 Funchal implemented a new sustainable public transport strategy to encourage tourists to use local transport. With increased demand from tourists during holiday season, Horários do Funchal needed to upscale operations.

The GIRO payment card had been designed for people who make regular fare payments and was too expensive for tourists using the transport system for a single journey.

Single use of the GIRO payment cards also forced Horários do Funchal to have a big stock to fulfill the need for them.

The Product

The business required a portable printer with a mounting kit that could be installed and wired directly into its vehicles to print tickets and receipts that would be more suitable for single use passengers.

The desired mobile printer needed to be compact, quiet and able to hold more paper to reduce the downtime during paper changes and maintenance.

The Able Systems Solution

The Ap1310DC, from Able Systems, is a powerful, compact in-vehicle printer.

Designed for easy and seamless vehicle installation with single cable integration, it has a range of mounting brackets and options to suit a wide variety of in-vehicle uses.

The printer utilises a high speed and high quality fixed head thermal mechanism for superb quality prints with no need for ink and offers 38 meters of printing per paper roll.

Key Customer Benefits 

  • Easy and seamless vehicle installation with single cable integration for both power and communication
  • 38 meters of printing per paper roll, lasting longer and keeping downtime to a minimum (especially important during peak holiday season)
  • Range of mounting brackets and options for quick installation, backed up by full technical support
  • High speed and high quality thermal mechanism for superb quality prints
  • Compact and quiet
  • Carries CE and e-mark approval

Customer feedback

Miguel Sousa, who manages division supplies for Horários do Funchal, said: “The Able Ap1310DC was quick and easy to interface and install. We have had no problems with the printers and have been very impressed with the technical support we received to help us integrate them into our vehicles.

“The printers have also helped us to reduce the need to sell GIRO payment cards onboard our buses, which has improved client satisfaction.”

For more information about the Ap1310DC or other printing solutions from Able Systems, contact us or call +44 (0)160 648 621.