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Police Force Rolls Out Able Systems Bluetooth Printers

25th May 2017

Until recently, police officers and civil enforcers often relied on hand-written penalty notices for a range of including parking, littering and anti-social behaviour.

On-the-spot fines have long been used as a way to save time, cut down on paperwork and avoid the cost of taking someone to court – but one of the biggest drawbacks is confusion caused by badly-written or illegible tickets. Another key concern is data protection if the original notice or carbon copy were to go missing.

In a bid to tackle problems like these, a major UK police force has equipped its officers with 3,000 handheld Bluetooth printers, supplied by Able Systems. This type of mobile printer is ideal for officers because it allows them to print instantly and securely from smart devices that run Windows, Android or Apple iOS. Compared to the books and paper forms they once had to carry, the smart device and printer are extremely lightweight and can print documents with greater speed and accuracy.

Perhaps most important of all, Bluetooth printers allow personal data and information about offences to be stored securely on a central system, with only the printed ticket being handed to the offender. As part of the roll-out, Able’s engineers worked with the police force’s security teams to implement ‘undiscoverable’ modes and 8-digit access codes to ensure the systems complied with National Police Agency (NPA) standards.

Of course, law enforcement is not the only sector to benefit from Bluetooth printers and the technology has proved highly adaptable for a whole host of professionals.

In healthcare, for example, they are used to print a patient’s test result at their bedside and insert it into their notes, enabling staff to complete their tasks more efficiently. They also allow anyone from small shop owners and taxi drivers to give customers a professional-looking and legible receipt. As well as being portable, the fact that they are wireless and do not need an internet connection means they can easily be used at outdoor events and on market stalls too. 

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