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Printing Reliable Records for Autoclaves in Healthcare, Dentistry and Veterinary Science

17th January 2017

Users of autoclaves invariably require some form of hardcopy printout to provide a record for audit purposes.

The printout usually records time and date, autoclave ID, the set parameters; then a record of the performance throughout the cycle, recording such things as the evacuation of air and introduction of steam and temperature and pressure over time.

Reliability is of paramount importance, as the autoclaves are predominantly used to sterilize equipment and supplies in microbiology, healthcare, veterinary science, mycology and dentistry, as well as some food manufacturing, aerospace, steel production, and the manufacture of chemicals.

Able Systems provides highly reliable printers with very low failure rates and a long life expectancy.

Able’s panel mount printers, such as Ap1200 or Ap1400, are popular with autoclave manufacturers as their low profile enables them to fit neatly into the front panel of the autoclave, and they offer front paper loading to simplify paper roll replacement by inexperienced staff.

Able Systems also offers customer specific solutions – whether that’s different power supply, different interface requirements, or even different coloured plastics to match the customer’s design and colour scheme.

One customer had problems with the storage of the paper for the printers, and the rolls were getting damaged on site. Able worked with the customer to produce special packaging to protect the paper from damage on site and to help with reordering of consumables.

What sets Able Systems apart is its flexibility, its capability, its understanding of the needs of its customers and its willingness to develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs of specific customers.