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Printing solutions worth listening to

25th May 2018

Across the globe, the healthcare sector continues to undergo somewhat of a digital transformation; streamlining efficiency and reducing admin tasks for staff, allowing them to focus on providing the highest levels of patient care possible.

Like many industries, the goal of going ‘paperless’ remains high on the agenda for many Trusts and medical practices, however for important information such as patient records, it’s crucial that this data remains as secure as possible, reducing the risk of being compromised or lost during hacks or computer failure. 

It is this reason why many specialists within the sector still prefer to use paper documentation when storing results from medical testing. Audiologists for example, use printed test results when liaising with other professionals and when discussing with the patients themselves. These results could provide indicators about specific electroacoustic properties from within the ear such as transmittance, power reflectance and ear canal volume – all critical elements to a fully functioning hearing and balance system within the body. 

Hearing test equipment manufacturers such as Interacoustics are continuing to develop new technology to enhance its devices and are already creating pioneering products designed to incorporate thermal printers. Incorporating a printing solution that offers a reliable connectivity option, such as Bluetooth™ is important for ease of operation. Using these types of systems can produce an instant documentation of results, requiring no ink, which can then be easily stored for review when needed for hearing test fittings and follow up appointments.

For those conducting regular hearing tests, it’s crucial that an effective printing solution is available and is adapted to provide a system that is seamless; producing high quality, legible results that can be stored for years at a time, without the fear of illegibility occurring. Printing solutions are a long-term investment and so reliability of the printer used with the test equipment needs to be considered in order to keep lifetime costs to a minimum. 

It’s also important to remember that printing solutions providers such as Able Systems have supporting engineers in place to help with any bespoke queries or requirements. Our team can work closely with audiologists and businesses to deliver a printing process that is tailored to increase efficiency and enhance productivity. It is also crucial for any business looking to develop its product portfolio to have the best technical and R&D partner available. Able Systems is on hand to provide fully integrated support to ensure any new hardware or software connects to any existing mini printers seamlessly.

Ultimately, audiologists should provide a service that leaves patients feeling fully satisfied from the care they received. Producing a clear, accurate review of results will only enhance their ‘customer’ experience once leaving the practice. 

For more information on Able Systems and its printing solutions for hearing test instruments, visit here.