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Statement on Coronavirus: Covid-19

27th March 2020

As the Coronavirus ‘Covid-19’ pandemic continues to develop, this update provides information on how the situation is affecting our business and the likely impact on our customers.

We are absolutely committed to the wellbeing and health of all those in our supply chain, from our suppliers through our staff to our customers, and remain committed to maintaining the quality of our products and our service. The implications of this are as follows:

Our available stock of products and implications for deliveries:

So far we are seeing only minor pushing out of incoming delivery schedules for components and accessories which should have minimal impact on our ability to satisfy existing customer requirements.

Our operational facilities remain fully functional and we continue to dispatch goods to those customers who are able to accept deliveries. Equally we are able to accept deliveries from our suppliers.

Our repairs department is closed: please do not send product to us for repair until further notice.

We have introduced distinctly sectioned working areas for our operational staff. We have reduced the availability of common areas and staggered breaks so that distance working is maintained. Operational staff are not permitted to travel to and from work together.

Administration and Commercial Activities:

All our administration and commercial staff are working from home. Our phone system remains operational and if you select an extension number your call will be routed to the correct individual. Email is naturally fully functional and our preferred method of communication wherever possible.

As a consequence of staff working from home our incoming post is not being routinely monitored. This means that we prefer not to receive physical post at our offices. As such, we politely request that you send documents to us by email only.

Technical Support:

The technical support department remains open. However, with more limited access to resources our response time may be longer than we would wish.

Additional information:

Our staff are being kept fully up to date on the latest UK government guidelines relating to self-isolation and are being supported individually given their particular circumstances.

Please keep in regular contact with your usual Able contacts and place orders in good time so we have the maximum opportunity to fulfil these and to give you accurate order updates. Our general email address of is regularly monitored.

The future profile of this outbreak is unpredictable.  Going forward, we recommend planning for longer lead times by placing orders in good time and agreeing buffer or call-off arrangements with us to be confident of availability.

We will issue further statements if the material facts change substantially.