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Streamlining your cash handling system

23rd April 2018

Coin and banknote counting machines often require a printer to complete the full-working system - print outs provide a detailed audit trail to support investigations, offering a means of checking discrepancies and confirming the time and duration of every count undertaken.

Having the option to provide a printer that is powered by the cash handling machines themselves or via batteries, mains, or even hard wired in, gives a company the much-needed flexibility across all of its products. Able printers have all these options enabling these requirements to be met with one supplier.

Offering a mobile printing system alongside cash handling machines, rather than as a built-in system offers more flexibility, including a choice of power options. It also allows distributors to offer a printer as an additional option to the customer, rather than inflating the price and including a peripheral that might not be needed. If the printer is optional, it can be upgraded or simply replaced if any problems occur.

Another aspect where a cash handling system provider may be lacking in efficiency is with its range of products - they might differ in terms of components, specifically with the printers themselves. Any differentiation in the printing specifications of each model could easily become a financial burden on a business when hardware starts to fail, or requires maintenance.

Operating machines with different printing systems mean that in-house engineers and operators will need to have specific product knowledge, and spare parts for several different printers, models and manufacturers. Using the same printer manufacturer will enable the engineers to concentrate on their core skills of producing and supporting cash counting machines and allow them to leave the printer R&D, manufacturing and logistics to the printer specialist.

This model of maintenance can become a problem for many businesses, and this was recently highlighted by a premier Italian distributor of cash handling systems, Sitrade Italy SpA.

The company began to see printer-related problems because they had a cash counting range that had differing printer interfaces causing them considerable overheads in maintaining several different printers. After getting in touch with Able Systems, our service and engineering teams developed a new printing solution for the company.

The printer was programmed to recognise all nine of its cash handling systems and work accordingly with each. It was versatile, efficient and uniform across all machines, saving money, time and work.

The company has since installed more than 80,000 cash handling systems using its new and consistent model.

The Ap1310DP was the ideal solution for Sitrade Italy SpA, and is now the only printer it trusts to operate across its various cash handling systems. It requires little maintenance, is dynamic and with thermal printing, costs are kept low, and records remain legible for longer.

Can your cash handling system benefit from a more streamlined process? Can you afford not to revaluate your hardware, and save time and money spent on unnecessary labour?

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