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Take Your Small Business To The Next Level With MPOS

9th March 2017

The recent introduction of printer receipt systems in the taxi industry has highlighted a growing call for clarity and authentication between businesses and their customers.

Take for instance, the rise of contactless payments, which allow transactions to be completed in a matter of seconds, without the need for a traditional PIN system. Just under £3 billion was spent in the UK in October last year on contactless cards, and while many consumers appreciate the swift and efficient system for paying for goods quickly, there is still a vital need for authentication. For example, businesses require printed copies for auditing purposes, and the older generation often prefer the confirmation of a printed receipt.

Aside from this, there are many other reasons why businesses should invest in a small printer. While receipts can act as a simple legal requirement, there is also huge creative scope for companies to really engage with their customers and drive home brand value to boot.

If you’re a small business looking to take the next step and provide credit card payment facilities for your customers, here are some top tips for making the most of your compact printer receipt system:

Consider branding

You don’t have to be a big industry titan to be able to afford or introduce your company logo to your POS receipts. Adding elements such as this, along with your slogan (if you have one), help to reinforce your business in the customer’s mind, reminding them of your presence for the next potential purchase.

Offer promotions

Don’t be afraid to take your branded receipts that one step further by including redeemable coupons on the reverse. Incentives such as these encourage customers to keep hold of your receipts far longer than usual, promoting brand awareness and boosting consumer retention in the process.

Consider fixtures and fittings

Adding a mounted bracket for your compact printer promotes accessibility and professionalism, allowing staff and consumers to engage in a swift, efficient and mutually beneficial transaction.

Go wireless

Having a multitude of cables and wires can get complicated, confusing and potentially, be a dangerous trip hazard. Instead, many small printers can be configured to work wirelessly, not only saving vital space, but also giving you the potential to configure more than one payment unit to operate with the printer.

Understand your product

A simple but hugely beneficial process – understanding your compact printer top to bottom will allow you to maximise its full potential. For example, do you know what type of paper you wish to use, and its length? Many consumers do not require large scrolls of information. Instead, go for a paper length setting that is short, sharp and to the point, including all essential information.

By following the points above, small businesses will ultimately get the most out of their mobile printer, enabling them to increase brand value and retain vital custom in an increasingly globalised consumer market.