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The Role of MPOS in Creating a Seamless Commerce Experience

15th June 2017

Over the last decade the developments of new technology in facilitating payments for goods and services in the retail and leisure sectors has been significant.

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) has played an integral role in enhancing the traditional customer journey. Aside from the obvious benefits of taking payments on the go, the widespread use of this form of technology offers other opportunities to enhance the experience for consumers, and provide a seamless experience.

Here we explore some of the benefits of mPOS technology.

Facilitating creativity

mPOS units are now used by businesses to sell products to customers in all areas of a store, rather than just at the cash register. Retailers can now be creative about their selling environment, while never missing an opportunity to make a sale. Paired with a mobile printer, customers are provided with everything they would expect from a traditional payment experience, including a secure card payment option and a printed receipt.

The use of mPOS within the queue facilitates upselling, as staff members can present complementary products on the shop floor, enhancing the personalisation of the customer experience.

Beyond payment capture

The use of mPOS opens up many different avenues to retailers. Devices including smartphones and tablets can be used to allow quick and easy returns anywhere on the shop floor, to provide product pricing or availability. The addition of a mobile printer can also provide the option of an on-the-spot pre-ordering system, reducing lost sales. 

It is also possible to display restaurant menus or price lists via devices, or capture special requests such as dietary requirements. 

Increased security

Using an mPOS system limits a merchant’s liability because card data is not stored on the device, and transactions are encrypted point-to-point. This ensures the payment remains secure from the moment a customer taps their card on the machine, until the transaction is received by the payment gateway.

Cutting down on queueing

Retailers may not be able to justify the installation of additional till points to help accommodate for peak periods, and mPOS solves this problem. Arming staff with additional mPOS units is a cost-effective way of cutting down waiting times and increasing positive brand perceptions during busy times.

Mobile wallet upgrades

Apple, Android and Samsung have all introduced mobile wallets and all of these smartphone-facilitated methods of payment are becoming increasingly more popular. Near Field Communication-enabled mPOS solutions are less expensive and easier to implement than installing an entirely new payments framework. They also enable the easy integration of additional functionality such as offers and loyalty schemes.

Complete integration 

Transaction data from mPOS systems can be seamlessly integrated into inventory systems, where customer preferences and data can be stored for marketing purposes.

With a range of affordable solutions available to run on various different devices and with a choice of functionality, the question is no longer whether you will integrate this technology within your business, but when.

Whichever mPOS system you implement, we offer a number of Bluetooth printers to complement your choice.