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Why printing is paramount for law enforcement

27th September 2017

Obstructing the police, breaching the peace, speeding, and littering are crimes that all share a common resolution. The nature of these crimes mean that they don’t require an arrest nor a visit to the police station. Instead, to enforce the law, a fixed penalty notice may be issued on the spot.

As digital technology develops and becomes ever more prominent, penalties like this can now be issued successfully and instantly. These new methods help ensure that each notice is legible as a legal documentation, avoiding any dispute from the offending party.

Accuracy is of course of paramount importance in issuing punishments of this nature, however, we’ve seen some law enforcement forces sticking to pen and paper methods. In these cases, illegible notices have been issued, and this is where the aforementioned problems can begin to arise.

Printers like the Able Ap1310 BT with Bluetooth connectivity offer greater flexibility by being compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. Essentially, fixed penalty notices can be issued accurately by inputting into something like a tablet or a smartphone, and printed directly from the Ap1310 BT.

Issuing a notice in this manner can ensure accuracy, cutting down the number of disputes over fixed penalty notices. The instantaneous qualities of the printer and handheld device combination can act as even more of a deterrent, as a criminal may face immediate consequences, with the notice issued straight away and the crime logged instantly. This also puts to rest the potential problem that if the system was to become wholly digital, notices may become lost in cyber space, and, as a result, cause issues for both the force and the criminal.

The uncertainty that a notice may not be received is a problem in its own right. This can also lead to a dispute, potentially draining on a more precious resource in an already stretched sector.

The practice of issuing on the spot penalties will likely continue, but as the digital age progresses it is important to consider how organisations can adapt. By harnessing Able’s mini-printing solutions, the digital revolution can be embraced and incorporated, providing benefits like speed and accuracy, whilst keeping the instantaneous and tangible qualities of a paper notice.