Able Systems thermal portable printers are ideal for use in electrical test and measure applications including:

  • PAT Testing
  • Multimeters
  • Calibrators
  • Voltage testers
  • Insulation testers

Our portable printers can be integrated with host test equipment via bespoke firmware to produce reliable and professional printed outputs.

The AP1310 series has easy load large paper roll capacity which allows less frequent roll change and higher output of printed records. and can link to host equipment via serial or Bluetooth® connectivity

Depending on your requirements, your printer can be set up to output a variety of standard and bespoke label configurations, including linerless labels. Linerless printers offer a versatile solution where transferring of records is important, such as with electrical equipment.

With fast print speeds and a high quality output, electricians can implement our label printers with their equipment for compliant labelling solutions on-the-go.



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Electrical Label Printer FAQs

Our electrical printers are specifically designed to cater to the needs of electricians, electrical engineers, and other professionals in the electrical field for test and measure applications, such as PAT testing. These can be integrated with electrical testing equipment and devices via bespoke firmware for ease of use and instant print-outs while on the job.

Able printers can also produce labels suitable for wiring, circuit breakers, panels, and other electrical components. The labels are resistant to harsh conditions, ensuring durability and legibility even in challenging environments.

Our printers ensure safety and clarity in electrical installations, as the labels are legible and durable, helping electrical professionals maintain safety and compliance in their projects.

Yes, our electrical label printers produce labels that meet industry standards and requirements.

These standards mandate labelling requirements for safety and clarity in electrical installations. Our printers ensure labels are legible, durable, and adhere to the necessary specifications, helping professionals maintain safety and compliance in their projects.

Able offers unmatched expertise from years of industry experience. Our printers are precision-engineered for reliability and meet rigorous international quality standards.

Beyond functionality, we prioritise user-friendly design, making label printing efficient and intuitive. Advanced connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™, allow seamless integration with other devices. We can even offer bespoke solutions to suit all printing needs. We can even offer bespoke solutions with customised hardware or firmware to suit all printing needs meet specific requirements.

Bespoke Solutions

With over 40 years of thermal printing innovation, all Able printers can be fully customised to meet the most demanding or unique requirements of any host application.

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Bespoke Solutions

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