Able thermal portable printers are ideal for laboratory and bioscience applications where printed records or labels are essential.

Our AP1310 series has high capacity paper roll and can be mains powered for desktop application or run from our long life rechargeable battery pack for more flexible portable printing applications, whilst the more compact AP1300 series is ideal for mobile laboratory applications.

Large scale lab equipment might be more suited to one of our panel printers or printer mechanisms for a more permanent solution.

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Our label printers for use in laboratories and bioscience facilities are specifically designed to help technicians stay efficient, maintain accurate records and ensure workplace safety.

In this particular environment, it is critical that technicians can keep accurate data records. They help to mitigate errors by providing clearly legible and highly durable labels that are designed to withstand the unique demands of a laboratory or bioscience environment. Handheld and desktop printers are available for different applications.

Our lab printers are used variety of applications in laboratory and bioscience environments. Some common use cases include:

  • Labelling blood samples
  • Labelling cryogenic tubes and vials
  • Labelling blood bags
  • Specimen labelling

If you have a unique labelling requirement within your laboratory, ask our team as we can design bespoke solutions.

Yes, many of our laboratory and bioscience printers can seamlessly integrate with laboratory information systems, and with specific test and measurement equipment.

With connectivity options including Bluetooth™, Wi-Fi and Serial, printers can communicate with various laboratory software, allowing for direct printing of sample information, barcodes, and other necessary data records.

This integration streamlines the labelling process, reducing manual input errors and ensuring consistent data between your samples data records and your digital tracking system.

Our laboratory and bioscience printers use direct thermal transfer printing technology, which offers sharp, smudge-free results.

Unlike other printing methods, thermal transfer uses a heated printhead to transfer pigment from a ribbon onto the label material. This process ensures that the print is immediately dry and resistant to smudging.

The precision of this method ensures clear barcodes, QR codes, and text, which is vital for accurate sample identification and tracking, longevity and clarity of information, even in demanding lab conditions.

Bespoke Solutions

With over 40 years of thermal printing innovation, all Able printers can be fully customised to meet the most demanding or unique requirements of any host application.

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Bespoke Solutions

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