Able Systems range of thermal portable printers and desktop mains powered printers are ideal for integration into your distribution, warehousing and supply chain systems. They can be used to generate various items of printed output including:

  • Shelf edge labels
  • Barcodes
  • QR codes
  • Inventory labels

Our in-vehicle models such as the AP1310DC can also be used for temperature logging in cold chain compliance situations.

Clear and accurate labelling in warehouses is essential for improved efficiency and to create a safe and productive working environment. Browse our range below or get in touch with us to discuss logistics and warehouse label printer solutions.



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Portable printers play a pivotal role in the logistics industry, offering a number of benefits that significantly enhance operational efficiency. The main advantage is on-the-spot printing, so whether this is in the warehouse, shop floor, or on the doorstep when a delivery has been made, a printed record can be produced. This is essential for accurate stock management and just-in-time manufacturing processes, along with warehouse operations.

Printing accurate labels and receipts on demand will reduce the chance of errors in data entry, and wearable printers mean that employees who need to keep their hands free in the warehouse can easily switch between tasks.

Labels are required for various applications in logistics and warehouses, to improve efficiency and . Some of the most common types include:

  • Shipping labels – Printing shipping labels is essential for businesses who distribute packages and shipments. They typically include information such as the recipient’s address, sender’s address, tracking numbers, and handling instructions.
  • Barcode labels – Barcode labels are used extensively in logistics for inventory tracking and management. They contain machine-readable barcodes that store product information, allowing for quick and accurate scanning during various stages of the supply chain.
  • Temperature – Sensitive Labels – In industries like food and pharmaceuticals, temperature-sensitive labels are used to monitor and record temperature fluctuations during transit.
  • Proof of delivery – Proof of delivery labels provide transparency and accountability in the delivery process, helping logistics businesses and their customers track and confirm the successful receipt of goods.

Thermal printers are an ideal choice for logistics and warehouse environments due to their reliability, ease of use and high speed printing capabilities. Their durability makes them exceptionally well-suited to withstand the rigors of warehouses, where exposure to dust, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures is common.

Another key advantage of thermal printers is their low maintenance requirements. They have fewer moving parts compared to other printer types, and don’t rely on consumables like ink or toner, which can slow things down in a fast paced environment such as a warehouse. Learn more about direct thermal printers and how they work on our blog.

Able systems design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of panel printers, portable printers and printer mechanisms for use in the logistics industry. You can browse our range of portable printers which are renowned for their reliability, high speed output and versatility to be used for a wide range of applications. We also offer bespoke solutions for logistics businesses who are looking to integrate small printers into their distribution, warehousing and supply chain systems.

Browse our product range online or get in touch to discuss a bespoke solution with a member of our team.

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With over 40 years of thermal printing innovation, all Able printers can be fully customised to meet the most demanding or unique requirements of any host application.

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