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Ap1310 Guides

AP1300,1310 and 1400 Series

Linerless labels work with the Ap1300 Series, Ap1310 Series and the Ap1400 from Able Systems:

Where can you use linerless label printers?

Linerless labels have a wide selection of uses and applications, for many industries.

  • Healthcare - for patient records, test results, & specimen samples.
  • Laboratory – for test and measurement results.
  • Mobile Workforce – for on demand ticketing or labelling.
  • Transportation – for cold chain compliance, weight scale applications.
  • Law Enforcement – for evidence labels and ticketing
  • Retail & Logistics – for shelf labels, pack labels and inventory control
  • Hospitality & Events – for fast food ticketing, (labels are safe for indirect food contact).

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What are linerless labels?

Conventional sticky labels use die cut label stock, and produce labels that peel off a carrier sheet, or a ‘liner’.

Linerless labels remove the need for this additional backing paper, which is often made from silicone and can’t be recycled. Produced with specialist linerless label printers or portable printers like our AP1300 and AP1310, they are pressure-sensitive labels that have an adhesive layer on the back of the stock - simply press the label onto any surface to secure it.