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Ap1300 & Ap1310 Series

These portable printers are ideal for undertaking Test & Measurement where remote access is required. Despite their small size they are packed with hi-tech features.

The Ap1300 Series are our most compact printers with the Ap1310 Series providing a larger paper roll capacity.

Lightweight Portable Mini Printers

Our range of lightweight portable mini printers have been designed specifically for high volume industrial applications and offer a cost effective solution to data output requirements. Many of our panel printer products are currently being used in fire alarm panels, security, and emergency alert systems. They can also provide a bespoke solution for when remote analysis is required such as in data recording, fluid gas analysis or vehicle emissions testing.

Panel mount printers, for example, are now routinely built into fire alarm panels, incorporating bluetooth systems that can be linked to other alarms within the same building. This means that testing receipts can be produced at different locations immediately by linking with the same internal system.

This can be crucial following an incident, when insurers and other stakeholders require official documentation to prove that the building was sufficiently examined if an accident was to

Ap1400 & Ap1200 Series

Our Ap1400 and Ap1200 Series offer market leading Thermal panel mount printing solutions and are used extensively across Test & Measurement environments, often being built-in to host equipment.

The compact Ap1400 series offers the added advantage of having an extended voltage range and comes with USB connectivity.

The Ap1400 is available in white as well as a black finish.

Ap25 Series

We also offer Impact panel printing solutions that set the industry standard. The Ap25 is especially designed for standard printing needs.




Thermal Mechanisms

We offer a range of Thermal Printer mechanisms to suit any requirement. All feature innovative mechanical design coupled with proven software solutions.




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