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Standard & Label Printer Paper

Below you will find a selection of our consumable products including innovative label and paper stock, thermal printer rolls and all the accessories you will need to ensure trouble-free printing 

What are Linerless labels?

Linerless labels are pressure-sensitive labels which come equipped with an adhesive layer on the back of the label, removing the need for a liner or backing paper as found with standard labelling solutions. To avoid sticking together when rolled, a release coating is applied to the frontage of the label, ensuring a clear professional finish when used for bespoke printing.

What are the benefits Linerless Labels?

There are a number of practical and cost-saving benefits to using linerless labels. By eliminating the adhesive layer, significant savings on paper wastage can be achieved. It also means, that on average, each roll can contain 30-40 per cent more labels compared to a standard roll of adhesive labels. Not only does this save money in terms of cost per unit, it also helps to reduce transportation costs and required storage space.

Another crucial benefit of using linerless labels is that you are not restricted to a fixed label size as with traditional peel-away options. A mini printer is able to print and cut labels to any length required.

Tips on using Linerless Labels

Linerless labels provide an ideal solution for a range of different sectors and services. When combined with a portable printing product, they can be used for markdowns and price labelling in shops, proof of delivery documentation in warehousing and luggage labelling in airports.

For information about how linerless labels work, view our product demonstration video here.

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