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Small Portable Printers

See below for details on all our handheld mini printers in the Ap1300 range.

These feature our standard roll size and offer a multitude of connections.

Large Roll Portable Printers

Below are a selection of our large roll capacity portable printers. These offer a range of connectivity including mains for permanent install.

Portable Printers FAQs

What are portable printers?

Portable printers have been designed for use on the move and at any location. Connectivity is typically achieved using Bluetooth connection allowing retail staff, for example, to print receipts or product information from anywhere in store. Portable printers are lightweight, easy to carry and can print up to 100m or receipts once fully charged.

What are the benefits of portable printers?

The key benefit of portable printers is the flexibility of them to be used almost anywhere. Using a wireless connection, users are able to connect the device to other hardware such as computers or smartphones to provide a complete solution on the go. Being lightweight, portable printers are also easy to carry when offsite at events, trade shows or when performing deliveries.

Additionally, our range of portable printers are now able to be used in conjunction with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. This provides a tremendous assistance to retailers in performing tasks such as stock taking and price reduction markdowns.

Who uses portable printers?

A range of professionals commonly use portable printers to complete day-to-day tasks with the highest levels of precision. Law enforcement officers, for example, use portable printers to connect to smartphones and tablets to produce tickets or leaflets such as conditional offer fixed penalty tickets for RTA offences or anti-social behavioural orders. They can also be frequently seen in the hands of delivery drivers to produce receipts and proof of delivery notices. 

What are the different types of portable printers?

We offer a wide range of mobile printing devices to suit a variety of applications. Portable label printers are perfect for printing labels on the go, commonly used in retail & hospitality, medical settings, at events and on public transport. Receipt printers enable retailers to provide efficient customer service at point of sale, keeping queues down and customers flowing. Use our menu to browse all of our mobile printing solutions by product or by industry, to find exactly what you're looking for. 


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