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Where would I find the cable and connection information of my printer?

Connecting information can be found in the product User /Installation Guides for each printer model, which is available for download further down this page.

How do I print over Bluetooth?

This question applies to AP1300 series BT and BTi model of printers only. The BT models support SPP and iAP profiles while the BTi models supports iAP only.

The process for printing over Bluetooth is generally as follows.

  1. Discover
  2. Pair
  3. Connect
  4. Print

Discovery: Is initiated by the host device. Turn on the host’s Bluetooth and begin searching. The AP1300BT is discoverable at all times, and should appear in the search list along with any other Bluetooth devices within range.

Pairing: To pair the device, simply select it from the list. No BT Authentication pin is required by the printer. If you are forced by the host to use an authentication pin, the default pin for Able Systems printers is 1234.

Connection: Once a pairing has been made, a connection can be established quite easily from an application, by simply selecting the printer from the list within the application.

Print: Now that a connection is made, data can be exchanged between the two devices, and printing can begin.

Will my AP1300-BT series printer pair with Apple iOS/android and windows operating systems.

Yes, it is possible to pair using any operating system with Bluetooth support. However the AP1300BTi will only pair with Apple iOS.

Are your printer’s backwards compatible?

We make every effort to maintain backwards compatibility. The common control language used across our range normally allows for upgrading printer model with minimal integration effort. However, the continual improvements to our printer ranges coupled with our many bespoke solutions mean that we cannot guarantee full backwards compatibility. If you have any backwards compatibility questions or issues, please contact us.

Can I update my printer’s firmware?

A utility is available which allows update or changes to your printer firmware in the field. To ensure firmware compatibility with your hardware please contact Able Systems technical support prior to your update.

Is a Window’s driver available for my printer?

Windows® drivers are available for the following products:

  • Ap863-F
    • Ap1300
    • Ap1310 (portable printers) 
    • Ap1200 (panel mount printer) 
    • Ap1400 (panel mount printer)

To obtain a copy of the driver please send an email to making sure to include your company name, operating system and printer type.

Are there drivers available for other operating systems?

It is possible to use our printers with various operating systems and connection types. For our Bluetooth printers, we offer a demonstration app for [Android] and [iOS] and SDKs for developers. Please check our [Drivers and software] page or email for more details on the options available.

How do I register my driver?

Once you have successfully installed the driver, you can register your copy by emailing your company details and printer type to

Why does my printer under or over feed during label printing?

There are a few reasons why this could be happening, the most likely causes are listed below.

  1. Label parameters not setup correctly. Use the Label Configuration Utility to check then correct these where required.
  2. Paper slip when reverse feeding. Use the Label Configuration Utility to change the feed mode to limit reverse feed.
  3. Sensor problem, incorrectly detecting black mark or cut-out. Using the label print utility feature to calibrate the sensor. Make sure the calibrated sensor values look sensible. The default value for this is 0x80 but this may differ due to sensor tolerance, differences in black mark darkness, or size of cut-out.

What power options are available for the AP1300 series?

AP13x0: Battery operated. It is supplied as standard with a re-chargeable battery pack and also a mains powered universal trickle charger. There is also the option of an in Vehicle trickle charger.

AP13x0DP: Does not have batteries fitted. This is supplied with a mains adapter PSU.

AP13x0DC: This was designed specifically for automotive applications. Can be connected directly to the vehicle supply / battery

What are the power options for the AP1400 series?

AP1400 is designed to be operated from a 4.5V to 8.5V. Supply Current Requirement:

  • 100mA (Printer in Idle Mode)
  • 3A average (Printer Printing)
  • 10A peak (Printer Printing)

The recommended power supply input is 7.5V with a current capacity of at least 3.3A


AP1400V is designed to be operated from a 9V to 36V.

Supply Current Requirement typical @12V:

  • 06mA ( Shutdown active )
  • 70mA ( Printer in Idle Mode )
  • 2A average ( Printer Printing )
  • 7A peak ( Printer Printing )

Supply Current Requirement typical @24V:

  • 12mA (Shutdown active)
  • 40mA (Printer in Idle Mode)
  • 2A average (Printer Printing)
  • 4A peak (Printer Printing).

How long will my printer work for with a fully charged battery?

The capacity of the battery pack when fully charged will normally be sufficient to print normal text on four full rolls of our standard paper stock (A05836TPR1). However, this is subjective and depends greatly on the printing density, ambient temperature and state of the battery pack.

With the printer awake but idle, a fully charged battery would last for up to 10 hours. The built-in sleep mode can further reduce power consumption during idle time which will increase battery life.

How long does it take to fully charge the batteries?

The battery pack should be recharged while installed in the printer. This takes about 15 hours from totally flat with the standard trickle charger supplied.

How long will my batteries last before I need to replace them?

The battery pack should be capable of up to 500 complete charge and discharge cycles, though this may be reduced in very repetitive applications.

If a particular battery pack appears not to be holding charge as well as expected, it may indicate that it coming to the end of its life and should be replaced. Please consult the factory for further details on recommended battery care.

Is it ok to leave my battery powered printer on charge permanently?

If batteries are left permanently on charge, it will greatly reduce its life expectancy. Under these circumstances we would not expect them to last any longer than 12 months.

Why won’t my new Ap1300 switch on?

The printers are shipped with the batteries fully discharged disconnected. In order to connect the batteries, remove the screw on the battery compartment and connect the battery pack. Replace the battery compartment cover. The printer should then be left to charge for 16 hours before use.

If your printer is not turning on connecting and charging the batteries, please contact Able Systems technical support

Is there an easy way to configure my printer?

Able Systems produce a free setup Utility, which makes the standard configuration much easier. The utility is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 2K, Xp, 7 and 8. The utility requires a serial RS232 connection to work.

The perameters which can be configured using the setup utility include: the communication settings (baud Rate, parity, No. of bits etc…); sleep delay time; font or column mode; print inversion; and other basic settings. If you would like to obtain this utility, please contact

A full list of settings and commands is also in our Programmers Guide which is available for download from our website.

How do I change the font?

In our standard printers, there are four different fonts available by default. The columns, or font mode, can be changed using the Able Systems Setup Utility.

Various fonts covering different languages are available upon request. Alternatively, we offer a Font Editor utility with which users can create their own fonts. If you would like more information on the non-standard fonts available please contact

How do I get a self-test printout?

In order to print a self-test, press the feed button twice in quick succesion. The self-test contains various information about the printer including the printer type and serial number; communications settings; and diagnostics information.

How do I configure my printer for label printing?

The easiest way to configure the Label printing features is to use the Label Configuration Utility. This is free and available for download on request.

The label printing can be setup by using individual commands. For details of these please see the “Supplementary Data for Label Printing” document.

To download the label configuration utility or the Supplementary Data for Label Printing document please contact

What do the status LED patterns mean?

Standard Able Systems thermal printers use a common set of LED patterns.



Buffer Mode


Constant Green




Fast Flash Green



Load paper roll and close the lid

Long Green- Short Red

Low Power


Connect the battery charger.

For non-battery printers check the PSU

Short Green- Short Red

Low Power


Connect the battery charger.

For non-battery printers check the PSU

Short Green- Long Orange

Trickle charging



Fast Flash Orange

Trickle charging


Load paper roll and close the lid

Fast Flash Orange

Fast charging


None if charger is attached.

If charger is not connected, contact us.

Fast Flash Red

Error condition


Contact Able.

No Light

Printer is turned off

Tap the feed button to wake