The Benefits of Label Printers for PAT Testing

In this article we examine how combining your PAT testing equipment with a customisable, portable label printer can greatly improve efficiencies and accuracy.

PAT testing has to be effective for health and safety reasons, but it also needs to be efficient and cause minimal disruption. The traditional practice of using pre-printed, handwritten labels to identify passed or failed equipment can be slow, while the risk of human error and illegible handwriting is higher. They also produce lots of waste, which is not consistent with most sustainability policies.

Instead, combining your PAT testing equipment with a customisable, portable label printer can greatly improve efficiencies and accuracy. Below, we explore in further detail the benefits of using a portable label printer, which can integrate seamlessly with your PAT testing device:

One convenient system

To reap the full benefits of using a PAT testing printer, you’ll need to choose a portable, handheld printing model with Bluetooth connectivity and bespoke firmware, so it can integrate seamlessly with your PAT testing equipment.

Our range of portable printers for electrical testing applications are available with Variable power and connectivity options, and can be white labelled to form a complete solution with your own testing equipment. 

For additional peace of mind, our PAT testing printers utilise thermal printing technology, which is more reliable than other printing methods since there’s a lower risk of the device breaking down during the middle of a job.

Clear communication

Not only does it take up lots of time, but writing out PAT labels by hand can often result in illegible descriptions. Key information, including whether equipment passed or failed, the date and time of the test, when it’s due for its next test and who completed a test, must all be included on PAT testing labels.

Carrying around a custom PAT test label printer, as opposed to writing them by hand, eliminates the risk of human error, miscommunication and messily written labels.

Less waste and resources

As well as being fast and accurate, a key benefit of using thermal PAT testing printers is that they don’t require cartridges. Therefore, these printers are a great alternative to traditional printing methods for reducing unnecessary waste, lowering its impact on the environment and saving time and money in the long run. For Electrical testing equipment manufacturers, and large scale testing organisations, combining your PAT testing equipment with a versatile label printer is a long-term investment that can deliver cost savings and a more professional output.

Direct thermal printing technology allows you to produce high-quality, clear and durable prints without the need for ink or toner. Find out more in our guide to direct thermal printers.

Able Systems specialises in providing custom printers for electrical applications, including PAT Testing that integrate with your current equipment. Browse our website to learn more about our different mobile label printers, or get in touch today to discuss a bespoke solution for your business.