Our Bluetooth® printers are ideal for a wide range of business applications including printing labels, tickets, receipts and barcodes.

Whether in a warehouse, shop floor, hospital or van, our mini Bluetooth® printers can be relied upon to produce high-quality print outs with speed and accuracy.

Bluetooth® connectivity is fast, secure and easy to use, eliminating  cables clutter and providing great flexibility of use.

A mini, portable Bluetooth® printer is the perfect solution for today’s fast-paced business, consumer-focused environment. With Android, iOS and Windows compatibility, you can connect to our Bluetooth® printers with your tablet, laptop or any other handheld device.


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Bluetooth Printer FAQs

Bluetooth printers operate via wireless technology that can be configured to operate across iOS, Android & Windows devices. These systems transmit data using low-powered radio signals at 2.4GHz. The less powerful class can send signals to devices up to ten metres away while the stronger class can reach devices up to 100 metres.

Bluetooth technology means hands-free use, reducing the chances of potential trip and slip hazards around wiring and cabling. Wireless printers are also highly portable, with users able to attach the devices to items of clothing such as belts for ease of access. With a Bluetooth network, print jobs from multiple devices can be configured and accessed, allowing users to create their very own home network.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is also becoming an increasingly popular option for devices within businesses and features in some of our existing printers (the Ap1600 and Ap1600U). Utilising BLE can increase a product’s battery life, reduce costs and improve accuracy – this is a better option for transactions such as receipt and label printing which requires exchanging smaller amounts of data.

While ease of connectivity is one of the hallmarks of Bluetooth printers, it is important to be aware of security issues. It’s important to always set passwords for any Bluetooth network you have set up to grant access only to authorised users, reducing the chances of sensitive information being potentially lost or shared unlawfully.

Bespoke Solutions

With over 40 years of thermal printing innovation, all Able printers can be fully customised to meet the most demanding or unique requirements of any host application.

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