Unlike traditional labels which have a liner (backing paper), our linerless label printers are pressure-sensitive, with an adhesive layer on the back of the label. This means they’re able to fit twice as many labels onto your roll with cost saving and operational benefits. Benefits include:


Labels can be printed to any length, and you’re not constrained to pre-cut label sizes. Low tack adhesive options let you easily reposition labels with no leftover residue, and they’ll bond well to irregular surfaces.

Good for the environment

These labels produce 50% less CO2 emissions than conventional products, and it removes the need for backing paper meaning no waste to be discarded. They’re also free from silicone, BPA/BPS, and can be widely recycled.

Cost Saving

On average, linerless label printers can produce 50% more labels per roll. As well as being better value for money, it also increases productivity as staff need to change rolls less frequently, and requires less storage capacity.


Our Linerless Label Printer Models

AP1300 Series

Our most compact thermal portable printer, ideal for handheld and wearable applications and available with Serial or Bluetooth® connectivity options.

AP1310 Series

Our compact portable printer with extra paper/label roll capacity. Available with Bluetooth® or Serial connectivity and in a variety of power delivery configurations.

AP1400 Series

Our most compact thermal Panel printer is incredibly small but houses a 13m paper roll with easy-open lid system for the most efficient and economic paper replenishment.