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Warranty Policy Statement

Able Systems undertakes, at our option, (i) to repair, (ii) to replace; or (iii) to refund the purchase price of defective Goods that we have supplied, provided that a properly completed RMA is received within the relevant warranty period from date of the invoice for supply of the product.

The return of Goods to the Company shall be at the responsibility and cost of the Customer. Other than the above warranty, no liability is accepted for any damage or loss, consequential or otherwise, due to supply, offer to supply or failure to supply or otherwise in connection with, any Goods or services or failure to advise or ensure the fitness for the purpose of any Goods or service or information that shall be provided by the Company, or the use or misuse of such by the Customer.

Relevant warranty periods are as follows:

Able branded thermal printers and any product resulting from a contracted Design Project (e.g. All Ap1200, Ap1300, Ap1400, Ap1600 family printers).

All Able branded Thermal Printers are warrantied for 3 years (36 months). Note that limitations apply as follows:

  • Only printers purchased after 01.01.2017
  • Batteries - Batteries are limited to 12 months warranty
  • Fair Use - Mechanisms are limited to 50km of lifetime paper throughput
  • Proper Use - Printers must be used according to User Guide recommendations

Able branded impact printers and all Accessories (for impact and thermal printers) (e.g. All Ap24 & Ap25 printers, Chargers, Power supplies, cables, mounting brackets, etc)

All Able branded impact printers and all accessories are warrantied for one year (12 months).

Other Printers supplied but not manufactured by Able (e.g. Printers made by APS or other manufacturers but supplied by Able)

APS offers a 1 year warranty from the datecode on the product. Often this period has partially or completely expired by the time customers receive Goods from Able stock. To provide an improved service to our customers Able warranties all APS products for 2 years (24 months) from the manufacturer’s datecode on the product. However, because this represents an extension over the warranty provided by APS it is limited in scope to 2% by value of Goods supplied in the 2 year period. Misuse is excluded from warranty cover.

Note that customers are still able to place orders for Minimum Stock Quantities of APS products on standard APS delivery schedules, in which case standard APS warranty cover will be available on all product.

Products supplied by Able from other manufacturers are warrantied according to that manufacturer’s standard terms and conditions.

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